Ties to material things are BROKEN

I used to have very strong emotional tie to THINGS,  I will not lie, these ties are not 100% gone but I am super cognizant of the them! And I know in my core that “things” are just things but memories are EVERYTHING!

I recently had a business event in my home that ended with sharing delicious clean crafted wine (if you’re a wine drinker PLEASE ask me for more info – this is a GAME changer!).   As I was prepping for the small event, I realized I do NOT have a full set of wine glasses! I thought I had at least 4 matching glasses, but I don’t!  I DO have a full set of champagne flutes! And I have a set of 2 Tiffany & Co wine glasses as well as 2 Tiffany & co champagne flutes! Yes, I DO have a T&C obsession, but that has nothing to do with material things and everything to do with the experience! And my goal is to have a full set of both but I take baby steps as I have higher priorities!

Tonight, as I was washing the glasses from last night I realized one glass has a crack in it.  The glasses I used were my mom’s glasses (she is gone 14 years this year).  I honestly didn’t love the style, but I WANTED to keep them for my tie to her! I started with 4 glasses but tossed one due to being chipped.  I remember how difficult that decision was; I think I felt like I was throwing away a piece of my mom.

Now I have to get rid of another glass. At first, I panicked and though OMG I can’t! But very quickly I remembered my memories and love of my mother are NOT tied to things! And that our life experiences are NOT tied to things!

So, tonight I am getting rid of the chipped glass. And I am thinking through what a new set of glasses looks like! Do I just get 2 more T&C glasses? Or a new set of 4? Or a unique set?   THIS moment, right here IS HUGE! I am NOT tied to things; I am thinking of the possibilities! And I am letting go of material things that no longer serve me!

Now, I won’t lie; I wish I was super crafty and could repurpose one of the wine glasses (or at least 1) as a memoir; but, I am not AND I do not really have the space to keep it <remember I do live with Monsieur Gateau and he loves to knock is over).  BUT I do think I will offer the set of 2 glasses on a free/recycle site and spread the love!

I LOVE that I am on this amazing journey and realizing that THINGS are not as important as I once thought they were!

I would LOVE to hear what material ties YOU have experienced! Please comment!


Enjoy the Journey


I recently saw a post that read “your friends either go through this inner transformation with you or drift out of your life.  Some relationships dissolve, others deepen.”  WOW! 

I cannot begin to explain that above statement ROCKS ME TO MY CORE!!

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I am constantly growing, developing, and leveling up! Both personally and professionally.  I am always on a journey to grow and learn more.  Over the past 1.5 years, I have seen this impact relationships.

Honestly, at first, I was deeply saddened and truly heartbroken.  The saying “your vibe attracts your tribe” was on replay in my brain (NOT a coincidence.  And I finally listened to my brain, and it made sense.  Do NOT get me wrong, I AM truly heartbroken by the distance with my friends who I considered family, but I also realize the me I am now does not fit with their vibe, and that is 100% ok!

This learning right here is GOLD!  I truly hope you can digest this!

I recently realized that I am truly a soul in a human body, I am not a body with a soul. READ that again!  That is one of the most profound learnings I have I had!!

I know I am on this journey for a reason….and, I know I am meat to truly ENJOY THE JOURNEY!  This message has also been coming to me on repeat!  I also have an amazing friend and mentor who reminds me of this!!

Cheers to leveling up, cheers to attracting a new tribe, cheers to enjoying the journey! Cheers to being uncomfortable and distancing from friends. Cheers to being genuine to YOU and pushing through even though it is difficult!!!

You’ve got this, we all do!

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

I have heard this over and over. At various times in my life, it really hit home.  Lately, it has been stabbing me in the heart.

The past year and a half I know my growth journey has deepened and elevated. I am growing in areas I didn’t even know existed! I am constantly raising my vibration and frequency!

Guess what? When that happens, the result is the (harsh) truth that not everyone is on the same frequency (aka page) as you, and you could lose your connection. No one is at fault or to blame, you are simply on two very different paths.  Not all relationships experience this…but some do.

If you are new to exploring your vibrations & frequency, trust me, I know this seems like it is impossible to (ever) happen! I used to agree with you (and on some level am still in denial). But I have watched people who were in my life for 15+ years fizzle out and fade away.  My heart says, “whoa this is harsh” yet my soul says “well, this is to be expected, it is NOT easy, it is O. You have to mourn the losses, but you also have to LET GO!”.

I am in a phase of growth and elevation.  I am not the same person I was when a lot of these relationships were forged, yet I truly believed they were life long relationships and it truly hurts to be wrong.  At this point, my only option is to let it go and keep growing and attracting a new tribe.

While this may sound negative on the surface, it isn’t, it is raw, and it is truth.  This is my acceptance of what is and my process of letting go (I thought I had a blog on this, but, I clearly need to write one!) of what was.

I am also over the moon grateful for the new relationships I am creating!! And, the new people I am attracting!

Many (many) months ago I saw a meme that said something to the effect of “stop “watering” friendships and see which ones still grow and find out what weeds you were watering”. At first, I really fought this idea. I have always felt like I was the friend who kept things going, kept checking in, kept making plans, etc… Organically, my life got busier and busier, and I was not able to sustain my level of “being the one to keep the communication going”.  I watched some relationships fizzle…

I am a huge believer that people come into your life for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime.  What I learned is that a season could feel like a “lifetime” but may just be a long season. And, you can keep attracting new people into your life, that doesn’t make your past long relationships mean any less!!! THIS was a golden nugget for me to learn!

While this post may sound negative on the surface, it isn’t. This is my acceptance of what is and my process of letting go of what was!  I am letting go of relationships that can no longer exist and celebrating the relationships to come! Back in April I posted a blog about the beauty and challenges of transformation…and I touched on some of this….

This is truly my raw heart mourning the ending/changes of what used to be truly amazing friendships but welcoming with open arms the new friendships I am creating!  I appreciate you for being on this journey with me!

The Beauty and Challenges of Transformation

Isn’t it ironic how when YOU grow and transform, your perception of “successful people change? People you once looked up to or thought were uber successful no longer seem to intimidate you, like they once did!

When I started my entrepreneurial journey there were certain friends who really intimated me! They seemed to have it “all together”! In this journey, I realized most of us DO NOT HAVE it all together (but some people are better at faking it)! I also realized MY WORTH and that I was NOT inferior!!! We are trying new sh*t daily to see what sticks!  I used to judge that approach SO HARSHLY when I first embraced my journey!!!

Truth is, as an entrepreneur there is no real course to follow, no real map. Yes, there are basic successes to follow, but the core of our journey is really individualized and to be figured out.

Recently, I spent an (AMAZING) 3 days in training! I had some really, big (as Julia Roberts said, HUGE) epiphanies!

1st: In my core I still have the mindset of an employee – I am terrified to do something wrong, because I will get in trouble!  THIS is so counterproductive in the entrepreneurial world! But this was a HUGE “AH HA” for me!

2nd: “Build a legacy, sell a product”! I will not lie (you know I am always real and transparent). This hit me like a TON of bricks!! There may have been tears (or a lot of sobbing) when I heard this! I DO NOT chase the dollar; I am honestly out to share knowledge to empower others! But I was honestly not focused on the details of building a legacy! This was a great lesson!

Honestly, trainings like this really ground me. They always bring me into a state of gratitude! And then energize me to reach out to other entrepreneurs, like me, who could truly benefit from THIS AMAZING mindset training! #networking

If YOU are on a journey of entrepreneurship (or a side hustle or even thinking about a side hustle) I would be humbled to share my list of resources/knowledge centers with you!  Do you want to live a life of freedom by design?

I DO NOT take this amazing world of free enterprise for granted! My community (knowledge/education) is not for everyone (and that is ok)! But I would truly love to connect with YOU! Have a virtual coffee or cocktail (aka clean crafted wine) and see how we can empower EACH OTHER!!!  Are YOU in???


Buh-Bye 2020! Hello 2021!!

I have not been very diligent with blogging this year. There is a myriad of reasons why: I was laser focused on building my businesses, I didn’t really have that gut push to blog, and I have some VERY VERY strong opinions about 2020 and my gut says my blog is NOT the place to share my voice about it (at least not right now).

2020 was a very different year than any of us have seen; it was gut wrenching and terrifying and amazing and exhilarating. We are all in the same storm, but we are all not in the same boat!  From my perspective, 2020 was full of a lot of loss, a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety, a lot of excitement, a lot of lies, a lot of abundance, a lot of critical thinking and a lot of learning to think outside the box. How YOU are ending your 2020 is YOUR journey and it should never be compared to anyone else’s. However, I do think we can all agree that 2020 has taught us to appreciate everything we have and not take anything for granted!

For me, the past year has been an absolute amazing transformation! Don’t get me wrong, it was not all hearts and cupcakes, it was full of anxiety and fear too, but I don’t dwell there! I have grown as a person, as a business owner and I had a tremendous spiritual growth! Not to mention, I have truly embraced learning the laws of our country and I am studying our Constitution! 2020 has been a major growth spurt! Without a doubt, I am NOT the same person as I was when this year started!

I was so tremendously blessed to meet, re-connect, and get to know on a better level, some very AMAZING people! I will never take the people who have guided my amazing 2020 journey for granted!

I was also tremendously blessed to learn (and continue to learn) the skill of LETTING GO! Letting go is a process you that continue 365 days a year and 24 hours a day! The letting go process has changed EVERYTHING for me! It is so powerful!

In Dec 2019, as I was gearing up for 2020, I set the intention that it was the year I was going to tackle life – ALL OF IT! Relationships, love, finances, and health! I can VERY proudly say I have embarked on every single journey this year! Mission accomplished!

As I close out 2020, I am going into 2021 getting VERY (VERY) uncomfortable! I am doing a lot of things differently (if you want different results you have to do something different). I am OVER THE MOON excited for what I am creating for 2021! There are so many amazing opportunities ahead to really elevate my businesses! So many relationships I have developed that will continue to develop and so many amazing people I know I am meant to meet!

As the sun sets on 2020, I am full of love, light, positivity, gratitude, and prayer for our country and world!  I wish EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU an amazing 2021!!!

Music Speaks to My Soul

Those of you who know me in real life know I LOVE music! I love all kinds of music! I always joke my playlist runs from Celine Dion to DMX and it is true! I love all kinds of music, but mostly the music that speaks to my soul!

Don’t you just love how music and/or a beat can bring you back to a VERY specific date and time? I do! Earlier this year,  an old and treasured friend began elevating his online DJ stream and re-connected a lot of old and new friends. OH MY WORD the memories all of those songs brought back! And the friendships that have been built from his show are just mind blowing! I am truly blessed to be a part of his journey! And he has some AMAZNG beats, you should join us (his link is below)!

There is so much CHAOS going on right now, on human and spiritual levels!  Yesterday while I was listening to music these two songs REALLY spoke to me, these are two of my most fave Christian songs but the lyrics really JUMPED out!

This Could Change Everything  – by Francesca Battistelli! THIS Song hit me when I heard a snip it in a movie! The opening lyrics though:

There’s a fire inside, you can feel it burning

It’s a neon light glowing like a furnace

And the night is long but the world keeps turning

You gotta know it, it’s not the end


With EVERYTHING going on right now, this just hit me in the gut! A reminder to keep fighting, not lose hope and DO what you can to fight for our amazing country!

This is NOT a political post, and regardless of who you voted for I do hope that you see our amazing God-given inalienable rights are in danger! And I hope you are doing what you can to learn our US Constitution and learn your true rights!

The other song that rocked me last night was

Touch The Sky – by Hillsong United. THIS song MELTED my heart when I first heard it! I just love the intimacy in this song, it is sooo deep! It is so candid and real!  Here are the lyrics that speak to me the most:

My heart beating My soul breathing

I found my life When I laid it down

Upward falling

Spirit soaring

I touch the sky

When my knees hit the ground

Last night, while listening these 2 songs I KNEW I had to blog about them! I wanted to marinate on it a little more to get clearer on the message, lol I am still not clear so I decided to just post!

I hope that someone finds inspiration in these songs and lyrics! I know 2020 has been an INTENSE year but you CAN still make it a great year if you dominate your mindset and control your thoughts! If you want any tips or tricks on this, please fee free to message me, I would love to share!

As you lay your head down to go to sleep, I encourage you to journal 15 things you are grateful for today!

And, if you are a music lover I invite you to check out my dear friend, DJ ChefMad_G on Mondays and Fridays at 8pm PST! I promise you that the music and chatroom will NOT disappoint!

Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated!

Throughout my entire personal development journey, I have heard the old adage “go where you are celebrated, not tolerated”. I can’t lie, it took me a while for this to REALLY sink in!

I have always been fiercely loyal or as I would say “loyal to a fault”. And that was the truth…it was a fault.  I would stay in friendships/relationships that no longer served me because of “XYZ (we have been through so much, friends forever etc).

Then, I hired a business coach who challenged my entire thought process! He really made me question “who qualifies for my time”. Now, let me explain. Because I had an adverse reaction to that statement the first time I heard it! I was like “I am not better than, I am not snobby etc”.  To me, “Qualifying for my team” means WHO is showing up as someone you WANT in your life. Who is a giver not just a taker? Who cares about YOU and it isn’t all about them! And in a sales perspective who is a serious lead interested in the solution you have to offer.

I really took this advice to heart. I show up in my sales business completely different! I only spend time with those who truly qualifies for my time. Before, I was so full of passion with the solution I have that I would spend time with people who were not serious!

I also approach friendships/relationships differently.  I look deep into my people and determine who truly supports me! Who is there through thick and thin? Who is encouraging me? Or who is saying “yeah its hard, maybe you should get a job”. Or who only calls me to have a 1-way conversation (all about them).

This was not an easy phase, but it was an absolute necessary phase! And since I have taken this to heart my whole world has changed! I am vibrating on a whole new level! I am attracting supporters! People who qualify for my time. Leads who are solid leads! LIFE CHANGING!

So, my advice to you is go where you are celebrated! Do NOT waste (spend) time with people who simply tolerate you.  Go where you are truly wanted and appreciated!

Do NOT Fear! Stay Calm!

First and foremost, I cannot believe we are rounding the corner to the end of March! Where has the time gone?

I want to encourage you to STOP STRESSING the F out and stop living in fear! Take a step back and just breathe! I am NOT saying this is not serious, it IS. What I AM saying is STOP FREAKING OUT! Stop buying ALL of the toilet paper and cleaning products and food!  Please, stop panicking!

We are blessed yet cursed to live in an age of social media and real time information. But I challenge you to consider that all of the information you hear on the news is NOT always truth! The media is no longer in the business of reporting news, they are in the business of ratings and MAKING MONEY. Have you forgotten that? I want you to think about that for a moment. The media is in business to make money and spread fear. Have they gotten to you?

Yes, these are uncertain times. Yes, it IS scary. This is all real! Want to know what else is real? Take a look at Forbe’s breakdown of COVID-19 compared to other plagues in our history. Let this REALLY sink in.  Be smart. Be safe. But don’t panic. This is NOT the end of the world!

Take this time and focus on your life and your future. If you are blessed to work from home, that is awesome! Yes, it is rough at first (I have been doing it for 6 years I can give you tips) but it gets better!  Keep on providing value and helping others!

If you are unable to work from home, I know this is tarrying! From my own experience I encourage you not to panic. Yes, I know how that sounds when you see your bills and your lack of income, but I ask you to trust me and have faith and tap into your higher belief.

Get creative with your time at home! Now is NOT the time to sit on the couch and watch TV! Now is the time to create your future and design your life. Here are a few of my ideas!

  • Create a fun family quarantine routine
    • Play games
    • Camp out
    • Make chores fun
    • Create memories
  • Read personal development books (as of this post Amazon is still delivering and if you buy used books you get a bargain)
  • Listen to personal development books
  • Schedule a zoom happy hour with your friends
    • I am always down for a virtual happy hour or coffee!
  • Think about business opportunities, even if you have a ZERO desire to be an entrepreneur. Remember years ago I didn’t want to be one either! Look at me now!
    • More millionaires are created in a recession
  • Spend time in your faith
  • If you are blessed to work from home, donate your gas money to your local charities in need to support children, women, single moms, homeless, etc
    • If you need inspiration I can give you some!
  • Be creative in all areas of your life
  • Really sit and think and set goals for the future you truly want (remember it is a future for you, your parents (if God willing they are still alive) and your legacy
  • Support local restaurants and businesses as much as you can
  • Learn how to meditate (even if “meditation isn’t for you)
  • Get creative and crafty!
    • Perhaps make holiday gifts?
  • Explore cooking and different recipes
  • Make your home a home you love!
  • Call family and friends
  • Do that puzzle
  • Deep clean – ok I know this one sucks but it is still something to do
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • If you are struggling financially, offer up items you can for donation
    • Remember we rise by lifting others
  • Educate yourself on different areas
  • Hone in on a hobby you like

The possibility is endless! Keep on keeping on and DO NOT give into fear! We’ve got this my friends. This too shall pass. I love each and every one of you!   PLEASE feel free to comment your positive ideas on how to pass the time!


Buh-bye 2019!


Wow, I usually don’t struggle or re-write a blog. But my buh-bye 2019 blog is different. Kind of a writes block, if you will.

In past end of year blogs I go through the highlight of each month. I can’t do that for 2019; my entire year is blurred together!

2019 is a VERY different year from others. It is the first full year I have been a self employed business owner! Mic drop RIGHT there – 365 days with my head ABOVE water – many days it was under water or just above but all in all I MADE it through!

2019 was a tumultuous year. But, also an absolutely mind blowing year! While I truly believe “life happens outside of your comfort zone”, 2019 blew up my comfort zone. It pulled me, stretched me (like gumby), pushed me and tried to break me. I may be a tiny bit fractured but not broken! 2019 has also been one of the most amazing years, ever! See my blog about my entrepreneurial roller coaster!

I learned MANY new and valuable lessons in 2019:

I was reminded the importance of celebrating all of my wins. Those of you who are facebook friends with me KNOW this, you have seem my dozens and dozens of pics of champagne toasting to my wins!

I learned to “just go with it”. While I have been a project manager for 15+ years, I like to have things plans. Well, entrepreneurial life basically says “plans? Hold my beer”! I learned to embrace the unknown and really just roll with it.  This is still a major work in progress but I made HUGE strides this year!

I also learned to HAVE FUN as much as possible along the way. Life is short, make time for fun and play in the daily hustle!

I also learned that being social is a HUGE thing for me and I didn’t make it a high enough priority in 2019 and I am working on changing that in 2020!

I also learned NOT to ignore your health – deal with it HEAD on. I am not a 18 year hold anymore and things go wrong. Deal with them so they don’t get worse. This is still very much a work in progress!

I also learned the importance of MOVING my body! Building an empire from home is NO joke! These insane long hours DO take a (major) toll on your body!

I felt my 1st earthquake. It was pretty gnarly. I know have an earthquake kit by my door!

I will be better at keeping a success journal! As much as I celebrated wins this year I did NOT document them. That changes….NOW!

There were also some pretty major successes in 2019! While, you know I am not a bragger (I share my champagne pics to inspire others to celebrate THEIR wins), there were some major milestones:

I was blessed to become friends with an amazing young woman who is a former foster youth and I first hand was blessed to be a part of her journey where I got to watch her grow comfortable in her skin and find her voice.

I officially launched my corporation. Now I will not dwell on the fact that Legal Zoom has ROYALLY F’d up my order and this process has been harder than it should have, I will focus on the win of being official!

I became a partner in a couple of other businesses as well! (BIG things happening here)

I got to spend quality time with my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew this year! We had a lot of fun during my NJ Visits and I look forward to more “brewery exploring days”.

I planted many (many) business seeds that will bloom in 2020!

I became closer to Jesus and learned to really push in when times are rough and when times are amazing!

I successfully raised over 100 toys for Gracia del Calavario in Mexico (2nd year in a row <thank you>)

I went to Puerto Rico for a site visit. While it was mostly all work I did manage to carve out a pool day, with a cocktail (or two) overlooking the ocean. This was the longest “vacation” I had all year.

By the grace of God I survived a few months or little to no income!

I secured a killer consulting gig and they hired me back for 2020!

I did the Landmark forum and a seminar! (more to come)!

I was able to fly back to Jersey to watch my nephew graduate high school!

I took on the challenge of public speaking and presenting – and I had some pretty great training and support. Still a work in progress but I am doing it

I learned when I want something that doesn’t exist CREATE IT!

I also learned I CAN ask for help and delegate! I do NOT have to do it all!

All in all 2019 was a pretty bad ass year. It reminded me just how bad ass I am! I am beyond excited for the new decade and new year!  Jesus has the wheel and I am just “going with” where He is driving! Bring on 2020! With the Lord, I’ve got this!

Wishing you a fabulous and blessed new year! I would LOVE to hear some of YOUR biggest wins and or lessons of 2019!!!


I am too much for some people….

For those of you who know me IRL you KNOW I am a big bold personality. It has always been who I am. I still remember Carol (my bestie’s mom saying “well, Christine isn’t your quietest friend”.  When I walk into a room people notice – this is not meant to be a cocky statement just factual statement. I am me and I make ZERO excuses for who I am….you can take me or leave me. I don’t BS and I shoot straight. I am kind and loving. I am driven! I am tenacious!

So, I decided to give online dating another try. I am trying my hardest to keep an open mind. In 2019 my social life has taken a major backseat, and I work a lot (all the time) so I felt online dating would maximize my efforts! I am trying to keep it positive and be super open minded.

Well…I am coming to realize I am just too much for some guys.  I am extremely independent. I am driven. I have goals. I am VERY into personal development and growing into a better version of me. I love Jesus and walk a walk of faith. I am building a freaking empire! As I chat with more guys I am realizing THIS is just too much for so many of them. And I am 100% OK with that!

Strange, a few (or several) years ago I would have taken it so personally that I am too much. But today I make no apologies for who I am. I am me! I am a sassy, tenacious, Jersey Girl building and empire and designing a life she loves! I will NOT settle – not in any area of my life!

Tonight I want to say cheers to all of YOU who are too much for some people! To all of YOU who are designing a life you love! To all of You who are working on becoming a better version of yourself!

I trust God’s plan with all of my heart. And He will match me with someone I am not too much for! Until then I will embrace the journey and keep and open mind!