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I did not make it to Church today; but I watched the sermon online. I have been going to a non-denominational church in San Marcos by the recommendation of one of my fellow REI Investors! I am loving it! Faith and building my relationship with God has been a major part of my journey. And …

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  To say that the past few weeks have been tumultuous is sugar coating it with pink sparkly sprinkles. This has been the darkest time of my life, yes, even darker than my 2007 (I didn’t think THAT was possible).  I have never been more terrified in my LIFE – where is my life headed? …

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The past couple of weeks have been beyond tumultuous! The fact that Gateau and I have been living in and out of motels, has NOT helped the issue. I am working on trying to own my feelings! I am PISSED OFF that I lost my laptop, my mattress and my bedding are ruined! And that …