One Year “unemployed” Anniversary

As the #rent  lyrics say: Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes, five hundred twenty-five thousand, moments so dear, five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure, measure a year?

Welp, on June 17, 2019 I celebrated ONE YEAR of NOT HAVING A JOB! I was laid off one year ago and SURVIVED an ENTIRE year of being a self-employed, business owner! Peeps, I am NOT kidding you when I say that this is a MAJOR celebration!  While my MINDSET was in the right place to “design a life I love” the rest of me was NOT! I went from a “steady” paycheck to “good-bye”! I have said it before and will say it again I have no hard feelings about losing my job…it is just business, but I knew I HAD to take control and DESIGN A LIFE I LOVE!

Sounds easy, right? OHHHHH HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO! The past year has been one of the most tumultuous years I have ever navigated. Other than 2007 when I lost my mom, my uncle and my best friend’s mom (my 2nd mom) in a matter of weeks this past year has taken the “2nd tier of the cake” (2007 takes the cake)!

I made it through 365 days of NOT having a J-O-B!!! Now, let me be crystal clear, I have not been on vacation for the past year, I have not sat home watching tv and laying poolside (though my social media may look like it, that is only weekends and sometimes at “lunch”)! I have busted my ASS! I have show up! I have taken ACTION! I showed up (and continue to do so) when I was utterly exhausted and simply DONE! While the HARD work was on ME, I could NOT accomplished this 100% alone, no need for shout outs because the people who were right next to me, making this a possibility KNOW who they are and how grateful I am for them…  I TELL THEM OFTEN! But, I will never take away from the fact that ALL of this is by the grace of God and I am doing what He tells me to!

2018 was my 3rd lay off in 6 years, an average of every TWO years! HOW CRAZY and unsafe is that? Every 2 years – bye now, thanks! Like I said before OHHHH HELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO!  I decided I was not going back to a W2 job! I KNEW it was the TIME to kick my real estate investing business into HIGH GEAR!!!!  So…. that is exactly what I DID!

As Eminem says “Success is the only option……” So, I jumped into entrepreneurship…full steam!! I surrounded myself with other successful real estate investors and successful business owners! I jumped head first into this new life! I have ZERO regrets! While, this may not have been my path of “choice”, I do believe you should use your job as a JV partner before jumping feet first, I did not have a choice…but I still made it happen!

So, 365 days later I AM STILL HERE, my head is ABOVE WATER(thank God!), I am still building and I AM on FIRE! I am exhausted, and yet so energized! I am so blessed and humbled to be in this position to truly design my life. And YOU too deserve this opportunity!  There IS more to life than working 40 hours, being too tired to spend time with your family, being in debt just to survive etc….I PROMISE you that there IS more, but, it may not be for everyone! IF you have the slightest interest in being the architect of your life send me a message or leave a comment!


PS this post is a tiny bit late!

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