Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated!

Throughout my entire personal development journey, I have heard the old adage “go where you are celebrated, not tolerated”. I can’t lie, it took me a while for this to REALLY sink in!

I have always been fiercely loyal or as I would say “loyal to a fault”. And that was the truth…it was a fault.  I would stay in friendships/relationships that no longer served me because of “XYZ (we have been through so much, friends forever etc).

Then, I hired a business coach who challenged my entire thought process! He really made me question “who qualifies for my time”. Now, let me explain. Because I had an adverse reaction to that statement the first time I heard it! I was like “I am not better than, I am not snobby etc”.  To me, “Qualifying for my team” means WHO is showing up as someone you WANT in your life. Who is a giver not just a taker? Who cares about YOU and it isn’t all about them! And in a sales perspective who is a serious lead interested in the solution you have to offer.

I really took this advice to heart. I show up in my sales business completely different! I only spend time with those who truly qualifies for my time. Before, I was so full of passion with the solution I have that I would spend time with people who were not serious!

I also approach friendships/relationships differently.  I look deep into my people and determine who truly supports me! Who is there through thick and thin? Who is encouraging me? Or who is saying “yeah its hard, maybe you should get a job”. Or who only calls me to have a 1-way conversation (all about them).

This was not an easy phase, but it was an absolute necessary phase! And since I have taken this to heart my whole world has changed! I am vibrating on a whole new level! I am attracting supporters! People who qualify for my time. Leads who are solid leads! LIFE CHANGING!

So, my advice to you is go where you are celebrated! Do NOT waste (spend) time with people who simply tolerate you.  Go where you are truly wanted and appreciated!

2 replies on “Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated!”

  1. Thank you, Christine. I needed to hear this. Especially because of Covid, I have said ‘no’ to a lot of things/people because I choose to take myself on a more serious path. With Gil semi-retired, it’s easier for him to go out on a whim to hang out with friends. I feel like I’m just getting started with living my purpose and with sharing the value of Renatus. I am confident i am attracting a new circle of those who are serious about their securing a comfortable future for themselves.

    1. Your vibe attracts your tribe! The way you are showing up is changing who you are attracting! You ARE treating your business LIKE a business now and the results will show up too! It is not always glamourous saying no to fun things and balance IS important. But a few years of no and pure grind will pay off more than saying yes to everything! You’ve got this girl!! keep up the GREAT work! I am here to support you!!!

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