Music Speaks to My Soul

Those of you who know me in real life know I LOVE music! I love all kinds of music! I always joke my playlist runs from Celine Dion to DMX and it is true! I love all kinds of music, but mostly the music that speaks to my soul!

Don’t you just love how music and/or a beat can bring you back to a VERY specific date and time? I do! Earlier this year,  an old and treasured friend began elevating his online DJ stream and re-connected a lot of old and new friends. OH MY WORD the memories all of those songs brought back! And the friendships that have been built from his show are just mind blowing! I am truly blessed to be a part of his journey! And he has some AMAZNG beats, you should join us (his link is below)!

There is so much CHAOS going on right now, on human and spiritual levels!  Yesterday while I was listening to music these two songs REALLY spoke to me, these are two of my most fave Christian songs but the lyrics really JUMPED out!

This Could Change Everything  – by Francesca Battistelli! THIS Song hit me when I heard a snip it in a movie! The opening lyrics though:

There’s a fire inside, you can feel it burning

It’s a neon light glowing like a furnace

And the night is long but the world keeps turning

You gotta know it, it’s not the end


With EVERYTHING going on right now, this just hit me in the gut! A reminder to keep fighting, not lose hope and DO what you can to fight for our amazing country!

This is NOT a political post, and regardless of who you voted for I do hope that you see our amazing God-given inalienable rights are in danger! And I hope you are doing what you can to learn our US Constitution and learn your true rights!

The other song that rocked me last night was

Touch The Sky – by Hillsong United. THIS song MELTED my heart when I first heard it! I just love the intimacy in this song, it is sooo deep! It is so candid and real!  Here are the lyrics that speak to me the most:

My heart beating My soul breathing

I found my life When I laid it down

Upward falling

Spirit soaring

I touch the sky

When my knees hit the ground

Last night, while listening these 2 songs I KNEW I had to blog about them! I wanted to marinate on it a little more to get clearer on the message, lol I am still not clear so I decided to just post!

I hope that someone finds inspiration in these songs and lyrics! I know 2020 has been an INTENSE year but you CAN still make it a great year if you dominate your mindset and control your thoughts! If you want any tips or tricks on this, please fee free to message me, I would love to share!

As you lay your head down to go to sleep, I encourage you to journal 15 things you are grateful for today!

And, if you are a music lover I invite you to check out my dear friend, DJ ChefMad_G on Mondays and Fridays at 8pm PST! I promise you that the music and chatroom will NOT disappoint!