The Beauty and Challenges of Transformation

Isn’t it ironic how when YOU grow and transform, your perception of “successful people change? People you once looked up to or thought were uber successful no longer seem to intimidate you, like they once did!

When I started my entrepreneurial journey there were certain friends who really intimated me! They seemed to have it “all together”! In this journey, I realized most of us DO NOT HAVE it all together (but some people are better at faking it)! I also realized MY WORTH and that I was NOT inferior!!! We are trying new sh*t daily to see what sticks!  I used to judge that approach SO HARSHLY when I first embraced my journey!!!

Truth is, as an entrepreneur there is no real course to follow, no real map. Yes, there are basic successes to follow, but the core of our journey is really individualized and to be figured out.

Recently, I spent an (AMAZING) 3 days in training! I had some really, big (as Julia Roberts said, HUGE) epiphanies!

1st: In my core I still have the mindset of an employee – I am terrified to do something wrong, because I will get in trouble!  THIS is so counterproductive in the entrepreneurial world! But this was a HUGE “AH HA” for me!

2nd: “Build a legacy, sell a product”! I will not lie (you know I am always real and transparent). This hit me like a TON of bricks!! There may have been tears (or a lot of sobbing) when I heard this! I DO NOT chase the dollar; I am honestly out to share knowledge to empower others! But I was honestly not focused on the details of building a legacy! This was a great lesson!

Honestly, trainings like this really ground me. They always bring me into a state of gratitude! And then energize me to reach out to other entrepreneurs, like me, who could truly benefit from THIS AMAZING mindset training! #networking

If YOU are on a journey of entrepreneurship (or a side hustle or even thinking about a side hustle) I would be humbled to share my list of resources/knowledge centers with you!  Do you want to live a life of freedom by design?

I DO NOT take this amazing world of free enterprise for granted! My community (knowledge/education) is not for everyone (and that is ok)! But I would truly love to connect with YOU! Have a virtual coffee or cocktail (aka clean crafted wine) and see how we can empower EACH OTHER!!!  Are YOU in???


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