Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

I have heard this over and over. At various times in my life, it really hit home.  Lately, it has been stabbing me in the heart.

The past year and a half I know my growth journey has deepened and elevated. I am growing in areas I didn’t even know existed! I am constantly raising my vibration and frequency!

Guess what? When that happens, the result is the (harsh) truth that not everyone is on the same frequency (aka page) as you, and you could lose your connection. No one is at fault or to blame, you are simply on two very different paths.  Not all relationships experience this…but some do.

If you are new to exploring your vibrations & frequency, trust me, I know this seems like it is impossible to (ever) happen! I used to agree with you (and on some level am still in denial). But I have watched people who were in my life for 15+ years fizzle out and fade away.  My heart says, “whoa this is harsh” yet my soul says “well, this is to be expected, it is NOT easy, it is O. You have to mourn the losses, but you also have to LET GO!”.

I am in a phase of growth and elevation.  I am not the same person I was when a lot of these relationships were forged, yet I truly believed they were life long relationships and it truly hurts to be wrong.  At this point, my only option is to let it go and keep growing and attracting a new tribe.

While this may sound negative on the surface, it isn’t, it is raw, and it is truth.  This is my acceptance of what is and my process of letting go (I thought I had a blog on this, but, I clearly need to write one!) of what was.

I am also over the moon grateful for the new relationships I am creating!! And, the new people I am attracting!

Many (many) months ago I saw a meme that said something to the effect of “stop “watering” friendships and see which ones still grow and find out what weeds you were watering”. At first, I really fought this idea. I have always felt like I was the friend who kept things going, kept checking in, kept making plans, etc… Organically, my life got busier and busier, and I was not able to sustain my level of “being the one to keep the communication going”.  I watched some relationships fizzle…

I am a huge believer that people come into your life for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime.  What I learned is that a season could feel like a “lifetime” but may just be a long season. And, you can keep attracting new people into your life, that doesn’t make your past long relationships mean any less!!! THIS was a golden nugget for me to learn!

While this post may sound negative on the surface, it isn’t. This is my acceptance of what is and my process of letting go of what was!  I am letting go of relationships that can no longer exist and celebrating the relationships to come! Back in April I posted a blog about the beauty and challenges of transformation…and I touched on some of this….

This is truly my raw heart mourning the ending/changes of what used to be truly amazing friendships but welcoming with open arms the new friendships I am creating!  I appreciate you for being on this journey with me!

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  1. I totally feel this. I have prided myself on keeping relationships going and not being a “flaky” friend. But now that I am older, more settled, and also a mom – which is a HUGE change for me who lived a very long life as a footloose and fancy-free single – things are different. I am much more relaxed about deadlines and obligations because more often than not I just can’t. I do not have the energy to water the weeds as you say so they naturally just fizzle. But when I am actually WITH anyone I currently have in my circle, I try my best to actually be present. Most of the people who are just acquaintances are not offended when I take a casual approach to hanging out because they feel the same way and have their own obligations. So it takes off a ton of pressure! Not that I do not genuinely care, it is just that I have so much less energy I have to be careful where I expend it and who I use it on. When I was single I always felt hurt when people didn’t make our friendship a priority, but now that I have less time to do so myself, I am also able to let go of the guilt when I am genuinely unable to invest more time into each relationship. so the ones I DO maintain are valuable and I think it is obvious to the people involved. And often the best relationships are the ones where you can go ages without seeing someone but pick right back up where you left off and no hard feelings about the timeframe. Those are priceless!

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