Ties to material things are BROKEN

I used to have very strong emotional tie to THINGS,  I will not lie, these ties are not 100% gone but I am super cognizant of the them! And I know in my core that “things” are just things but memories are EVERYTHING!

I recently had a business event in my home that ended with sharing delicious clean crafted wine (if you’re a wine drinker PLEASE ask me for more info – this is a GAME changer!).   As I was prepping for the small event, I realized I do NOT have a full set of wine glasses! I thought I had at least 4 matching glasses, but I don’t!  I DO have a full set of champagne flutes! And I have a set of 2 Tiffany & Co wine glasses as well as 2 Tiffany & co champagne flutes! Yes, I DO have a T&C obsession, but that has nothing to do with material things and everything to do with the experience! And my goal is to have a full set of both but I take baby steps as I have higher priorities!

Tonight, as I was washing the glasses from last night I realized one glass has a crack in it.  The glasses I used were my mom’s glasses (she is gone 14 years this year).  I honestly didn’t love the style, but I WANTED to keep them for my tie to her! I started with 4 glasses but tossed one due to being chipped.  I remember how difficult that decision was; I think I felt like I was throwing away a piece of my mom.

Now I have to get rid of another glass. At first, I panicked and though OMG I can’t! But very quickly I remembered my memories and love of my mother are NOT tied to things! And that our life experiences are NOT tied to things!

So, tonight I am getting rid of the chipped glass. And I am thinking through what a new set of glasses looks like! Do I just get 2 more T&C glasses? Or a new set of 4? Or a unique set?   THIS moment, right here IS HUGE! I am NOT tied to things; I am thinking of the possibilities! And I am letting go of material things that no longer serve me!

Now, I won’t lie; I wish I was super crafty and could repurpose one of the wine glasses (or at least 1) as a memoir; but, I am not AND I do not really have the space to keep it <remember I do live with Monsieur Gateau and he loves to knock is over).  BUT I do think I will offer the set of 2 glasses on a free/recycle site and spread the love!

I LOVE that I am on this amazing journey and realizing that THINGS are not as important as I once thought they were!

I would LOVE to hear what material ties YOU have experienced! Please comment!


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